Hi, I’m Sage Linden.


If you want to optimize your business & life…I can help.

I don’t know it all, but I know a LOT about Health & Nutrition and Organizing & Productivity.

And I know how to take people through a coaching and assessment process to help create some structure that we can work within to get results.

I can help you:


  • Get clear on your Goals and help you achieve them so you create the life you envision.
  • Create new healthy Habits to bring more balance and self-care into your life.
  • Optimize your Nutrition to bring more vitality to your life and feel good in your body.
  • Figure out the best Tech Programs & Systems to manage Email, To-do list, Finances, Digital information and more.
  • Become more Focused and Productive to get the important things done.
  • Get your office and papers Organized so you feel more in control of your work and environment.

My approach is unique and here’s why:

  • I’m a trained Coach and have a Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching (with a concentration in Nutrition) from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Healthy habits are a big part of the productivity & energy puzzle…
  • My studies in Neuroscience & Habit Science have helped me understand how to adopt new habits and routines that stick, since consistent action over time leads to success.
  • I’m an Organizing & Productivity Consultant / Coach who has trained with some of the best in the industry and for several years was a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).
  • I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and have studied entrepreneurship from cutting edge mentors out there…including Marie Forleo with B-School and many others.  I have also worked for green businesses, nonprofits & financial firms for 15+ years.
  • I run a Green business and am 95% paperless. I can help you do the same.


I’d be honored to support you.


See how we can Work Together.