As an entrepreneur you have A LOT going on!  

You want to get More Important Tasks Done and Feel Fulfilled at the end of each day ~ ultimately have a Meaningful Life…

Between email, tasks & clients – you’re juggling all the hats in your business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed since there’s so much to DO and not enough TIME. You wish there was a way to be more organized and productive, and you DREAM of having your business operate with EASE…

Being Productive doesn’t have to be All OR Nothing ~ there can be a Middle Path that provides:

  • STRUCTURE so you feel supported and can focus on creating the life you envision
  • FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY so you can be spontaneous and change your workflow as needed.


There’s No One Right way to approach organization or productivity.

We all think differently AND we all have unique business models, so you need your own set of tools, systems and habits to create the business & life you desire.


That’s exactly what I help you do.

In the Past, you might have had too much structure in the past with jobs, and now swung to the other extreme and haven’t created enough structure as an entrepreneur. Many of us naturally resist structure, yet it’s what successful people implement to reach their aspirations and dreams.

Mapping out & implementing some Productivity techniques that work for your life, can help you align your daily actions with your values AND ultimately reach your most desired business and life goals! There are simple, proven techniques to add to your work day to strengthen your focus and lessen the distractions.

As you know, being “busy” all day is not the same as being productive. When you do the highest valued activities in your business, on a consistent basis, Success will emerge from that foundation!


Creating positive, intentional Habits is one very effective way to reach your goals with less effort.


You may have tried lots of different Productivity Techniques as well as creating better Habits and failed over and over.  This is typical. Coaching Support can make the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  I know because this has been my journey too.


“We become what we repeatedly do.” –Sean Covey

Why I do this work…

My deep interest in the organizing and productivity fields came after facing a number of my own productivity challenges.

When I quit my job and become an entrepreneur, I struggled with having an open-ended schedule with no structure.  I found myself going down the rabbit hole of endless information and my inbox was overflowing with all the interesting newsletters I had subscribed to!

I had always been such an organized person, so I was surprised at how overwhelmed I felt trying to juggle everything in my business! Entrepreneurship added so much complexity…

After doing a couple dozen trainings from cutting edge mentors, implementing new systems and tech tools, as well as hiring a productivity coach, I can now say that I’m getting the important things done (most of the time). Once I had systems & structures in place, they allowed me to see what actually matters, so I could take action on my top priorities.  I’m not perfect and am always learning something new about myself along the way.  It’s an ongoing process of creating new habits…patience and persistence are needed for the ride!  And I employ coaches for myself too.

Now, I want to help other entrepreneurs shorten their productivity struggles, so that they can do the work they love and help others with their gifts.  The world needs more people that are passionate, on purpose & balanced.


Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with guidance and support I can help you move to the next level in your business and life.


 Step into being your optimal self.


See how we can Work Together.