Create these Habits to Stay Organized


It’s one thing to GET organized and another to STAY organized.  Creating helpful habits is the way to maintain the organizational systems you set up.  

A Daily Review is a useful structure to end your work day AND prepare to be productive the next day.  

Think of it as a ritual or practice that you do on a regular basis to build your organization and productivity muscles.

One way to remember to do it is to create a time block in your calendar (with the details in the notes section).  I have a 30-minute recurring time block on weekdays for my Daily Review with a reminder associated with it to nudge me to start wrapping up what I’m working on so I can start it.  

I recommend you consider doing a Daily Review or at least a Weekly Review (which includes a few more tasks).  I’m not perfect at this, but I know from experience that when I don’t do my Daily Review I feel the consequences of stuff starting to pile up.  

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The Effects of Clutter (In Your Business & Life)


The Effects of Clutter in Business and LifeI don’t know about you, but clutter distracts me from being able to fully focus on what’s important.

I happen to be a minimalist who declutters when I’m overwhelmed or stressed (usually when my mind is full or cluttered with too much information or tasks).

Even though I have a natural strength in organization, I was determined to learn how to not only get organized but to be more effective and productive using technology and systems.  I’d like to share my perspective with you so that you can also walk down the path to clutter-free living in this modern age of technology.

First, let’s talk about How Clutter Affects You:

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How to Stop Information Overload


Businesswoman Typing a MessageIn the modern world, we’re dealing with an unprecedented amount of information coming at us (and being created by us).

Our brain has not kept up with the evolution of technology that disseminates all this information. According to one calculation, we’ve created more information in the last 10 years than in all of human history before that!

Information overload is a modern malady. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the incoming emails, texts and social media posts that you’re in a fog and can’t think very well at times? Or do you feel paralyzed by too much information and choices? It’s like you’re a hamster on a wheel that just won’t stop. [click to continue…]

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Overwhelm and How to Overcome It


Stocksy_txpc366c363uLR000_Small_50890Overwhelm is very common these days. We’re all so Busy and the To Do List is never ending…

Not to mention that our brains aren’t even evolved enough to process the HUGE amount of information coming at us in this modern time!

Everyone has different triggers for overwhelm.

My main overwhelm trigger is when I have too many things that pile up To Do and not enough Time. [click to continue…]


Don’t Let Learning Distract You From Running Your Business


We’re all spending so much time consuming information. Some important, some not.
This is one of the biggest issues with my clients.

When you’re Learning you aren’t Running your business.

Businesswoman Using a Tablet at the OfficeIt’s best to not be learning during your work day unless you intentionally set aside time to read or watch something. Consuming content is an easier task for the brain, so don’t do it when you need to work on the more important things in your business. You want to use your most productive hours (often in the morning) to work on more challenging things and engage in learning activities at a time of day when your brain can only handle easier tasks.

I’ve totally fallen into this trap too and wasn’t getting the important stuff done (yes, I’m a recovering info junkie:)

As we both know, you’ll still need to check your email during your work day (and maybe even Facebook groups). It’s unavoidable sometimes to see things you’d like to read or watch. It’s like a shiny object luring you in… [click to continue…]

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Why having a cluttered Email Inbox is bad for you (and your business)


Many people have told me that it’s not a problem for them, to have hundreds to thousands of emails in their inbox.  For most people, this DOES affect them and their business, in negative ways that they aren’t even aware of.

shutterstock_215722171Here are 4 reasons why:  

1.  Your inbox acts as another To Do List so you can’t Prioritize all your tasks

I’ve done this, and you know what happened?  I did the reactive, less important tasks verses the proactive, important tasks that would actually propel my business forward faster – to create the THRIVING life I aspire to! Instead of using your inbox as one of your To Do lists, put your tasks from your email into a task management program that works for YOUR brain, where you can prioritize what actions will move you toward your goals.   [click to continue…]

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