Get Healthy

If you’re ready to start working towards sustainable, healthy changes in your life and living out your vision of optimal health and well-being, I’d love to support you in this life changing journey.

It’s not easy to change behaviors and knowledge only gets you so far into the Awareness stage of change.  My goal is to help you move through the Stages of Change from Awareness to Preparation to Action and then to Maintenance to successfully create your optimal health vision for your life.

Here are the ways I can support and quicken your journey to health and well-being:

Asheville Health Coach Nutritional Cleansing







Sage Linden is an Asheville Health Coach that has a Masters in Health Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  My interest in holistic health started almost 20 years ago and several health challenges later, it continues to be a passion of mine as I enter into middle age and want to age as gracefully as possible.  I have studied holistic nutrition, integrative health practices, behavior change, habit science and neuroscience which all inform how I work with clients.

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