Nutrition & Cleansing

If you want more energy, muscle or to lose weight and age gracefully then I have something to share with you!  I have a couple of simple & convenient health systems to choose from for nutritional cleansing & ongoing daily food / nutrition support that has transformed many lives. It’s important to clean out the impurities and nourish your body on a regular basis.

Health Coaching

It’s not easy to change behaviors and knowledge only gets you so far. My goal is to help you move through the Stages of Change from Awareness > to Preparation > to Action and then to Maintenance to successfully integrate your Optimal Health Vision into your life.

Together we get you on the road to creating sustainable, healthy changes in your life by uncovering stuck places and forming habits that will bring more energy and joy to everything you do.

Why I Do This Work:

My interest in holistic health started almost 20 years ago and several health challenges later, it continues to be a passion of mine as I enter into middle age and want to age as gracefully as possible.  I have struggled with consistency of healthy habits all my life and finally have found some amazing Tools that I love to share with others from Habit Science ~ to Phone Apps ~ to a Nutrition System that makes eating healthy easy.  I also know the power of Coaching in my own life and am honored to help others develop the Healthy Habits they desire.

I am an Asheville Health Coach that has a Masters in Health Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I have studied holistic nutrition, integrative health practices, behavior change, habit science and neuroscience which all inform how I work with clients.