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Transform Your Life. One step at a time...

Cleanse Your Body

Nutritional Cleansing

Nourish your body to bring more energy and vitality to your life AND feel good in your body again! Jump start your health journey by eliminating the impurities + adding in high quality superfoods and nutrients to bring back your true essence. This amazing program can help you increase your energy, release unwanted fat, add lean muscle, sleep better and age more gracefully. Get guidance and community support for your wellness goals. Together we can do this!

Create Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Coaching

Most of us need support to become the best version of our self. Habit science and Coaching are a perfect combination to help you to reach your goals. Let’s get you out of overwhelm and create habits that are energizing and health-enhancing so you can reach your full potential and live a meaningful life.

Sage Linden

Hi, I’m Sage Linden. My passion is to help women get their energy & vitality back so they can live a full, meaningful life.  

My own energy challenges that started in my early 30's, led me to studying health and trying different natural healing modalities for 15 years. I have found that Functional Medicine + Cleansing + developing Healthy Habits to be what have helped me the most.

Along my health journey, I got trained as a Health Coach and have a Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching (with a concentration in Nutrition) from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

My studies in Neuroscience & Habit Science have helped me understand how to adopt new habits and routines that stick, since consistent action over time leads to success. Healthy habits are a big part of the vitality & energy puzzle and it usually takes support to get these to stick.


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My favorite health apps & tools:

  • Habit tracking apps
  • Meal Planner & Discounted healthy food
  • Tea
  • Favorite Skincare
  • Gratitude Journal & Productivity Planner
  • Sleep tools
  • Meditation technology
  • Infrared Sauna