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You want to live your life to the fullest.

Let’s get your Daily Actions aligned with your Goals, so you can create your Optimal Life.  

Types of Healthy Habits Coaching offered:


   Develop a Morning Routine

   Develop an Evening Routine

   Develop an Exercise Habit

   Healthy Sleep Habits

   Weight Wellness Habits


Tools & Strategies used:

  • Goal setting & Prioritization
  • Questionnaires to deepen your experience
  • Accountability & Support
  • Habit creation strategies
It’s difficult to make changes in our life on our own and especially to make them last.
Research shows that most people need Support to create positive, long lasting change in their lives.
Coaching will either quicken the pace OR be the support that will actually get you to achieve your goals.



How we’ll work together (1 month at a time):


1. First you’ll fill out the Discovery Questionnaire.

2. In your Initial Discovery Session (1 hour by phone / skype) we’ll develop a Plan with your highest priority Goals and then break it down into what you commit to this week to move forward.

3. Before each session, you will receive a Session Prep Form to fill out to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in our session.

4. We’ll do 3 Coaching Sessions (30 minutes each week by phone / Zoom) where we’ll celebrate your successes, talk through challenges, and strategize next actions to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.

*If you want to extend your coaching support after this intro package is complete, you can choose to continue monthly.


Behavior change is a process and it’s beneficial to experiment with new practices with light-hearted curiosity.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process and partnership between the coach and client.  Coaches help clients to create a more effective, balanced and satisfying lives.  The coaching process is solution and action focused, strengths-based and focuses more on shaping the future than on exploring the past (as in some forms of therapy). As coaches, we know the client is whole and complete AND can benefit from a “guide” to ask skillful questions to bring new perspectives that help facilitate their own answers within.  Coaching is not about giving a lot of information (as in consulting), only as needed or desired in an area the coach is trained in.  My specialty areas are Health & Nutrition, Organizing & Productivity and Habit Change. As a coach I offer an initial questionnaire, do goal setting, identify obstacles and provide support and accountability to help my clients achieve their highest vision of themselves.  My goal is to empower you to create the changes you desire faster than you would on your own and over time make them sustainable.

I’m really busy and wondering if I have time for this?

We meet weekly as I have found that clients get the best results when they are focused on their goals and action items each week.  If you go out of town, we can skip a week when needed.  You will need to devote some time and energy to your committed actions in between our calls in order to get results. I will assist you in deciding your next steps along the way to your goals, as well as hold a safe container where you can commit to your actions and if you don’t achieve them we will troubleshoot in a non-judgmental space. The more you put into this, the more you will get out of the experience and the quicker you will reach your goals.

How do I reach my goals in a 4 week coaching package?

I have found that 4 weeks is the minimum time frame to make significant progress toward your goals and it’s also a good introductory container to feel out if we’re a good match for coaching.  You can always add on a month at a time to get more support to help you reach your goals.  You may be surprised what you can accomplish in 1 month!

I’m interested in working on creating new Habits. What does your habit coaching look like?

Habit change has been researched a lot in the last decade thanks to all the neuroscience breakthroughs and we know a lot more now about how to do it than we used to.  In the past it’s been only the most naturally disciplined and highly determined people that could achieve this feat.  I can help you (using the science behind habit change) to create the life you desire (as long as you get into action).  We troubleshoot any challenges and tweak your weekly experiments during our calls.  Creating habits takes strategy + action + time.  If I can create habits, anyone can as this has not been my natural strength and I now have many habits and routines that support my life. Instead of just doing traditional goal setting, we can also map out daily or weekly Habits that will get you to your goal automatically by doing them consistently.  For example, walking almost every day for 20-30 minutes has been shown in studies to help with cognitive decline as well as having many other health benefits. Imagine if you worked up to fitting in a walk 5-7 days a week and did this consistently? You’d be a lot closer to the good health you aspire to having and once it’s a habit you’ll have much less resistance to doing it. Of course, this specific habit isn’t for everyone and we’ll discover in our coaching sessions if a habit or a routine makes sense to create, depending on what goals you want to accomplish. The research on habits shows that it takes on average 66 days to solidify a habit.  You can start with 1-2 habits at a time and if you are really motivated you can form a routine (several habits stacked) during our time together. When this package is complete, if we worked on forming habits you will understand how to create habits so you can continue on your own or you can always add on extra sessions by the month after this package is complete for more coaching support.

Sage’s coaching has provided the extra support and guidance I needed to make changes I was hesitant to make on my own and confused about.  With her guidance and suggestions, I made changes to daily routines and set up new systems. I also find the support and mirroring from her coaching enormously helpful as it’s hard for me to see where my blind spots are or recognize the ways I’m not meeting my full potential. I feel so grateful and can’t recommend her enough!

Lisa H.


Sage is open-minded and a great listener! She never interrupts and allow me to finish talking before she responds. I felt listened to and yet challenged, as she brings new perspectives on every call. She has loads of resources to share in the area of health I was coaching on.

Samantha L.

Women's Life Coach

Sage is very practical and her style is solution-focused. She made me feel at ease and comfortable but, at the same time kept me focused. Personally, I learned a lot about how to sustain the changes I decided to make in my life by following the principles of forming habits. Her expertise from Health/Fitness and Work-Life balance was very useful. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her and was always looking forward to the next session. She is a wonderful person and a skilled coach who is pragmatic and practical.

Joseph A.

Project Manager

Sage approached each session with curiosity, prepared to listen for what was most important to me on each topic addressed in our coaching sessions. She asked great questions and ensured I left each session with a clear action plan.

Jon L.

Leadership Coach

Have any questions about this package?  Let’s talk and see if it’s a good fit for you. 


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