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It’s one thing to GET organized and another to STAY organized.  Creating helpful habits is the way to maintain the organizational systems you set up.  

A Daily Review is a useful structure to end your work day AND prepare to be productive the next day.  

Think of it as a ritual or practice that you do on a regular basis to build your organization and productivity muscles.

One way to remember to do it is to create a time block in your calendar (with the details in the notes section).  I have a 30-minute recurring time block on weekdays for my Daily Review with a reminder associated with it to nudge me to start wrapping up what I’m working on so I can start it.  

I recommend you consider doing a Daily Review or at least a Weekly Review (which includes a few more tasks).  I’m not perfect at this, but I know from experience that when I don’t do my Daily Review I feel the consequences of stuff starting to pile up.  

Here’s My Daily Review process:

  1. Clear out email inboxes
  2. Process papers and clean off desk and work surfaces
  3. Input any paper notes into computer
  4. Clean up calendar (today and tomorrow)
  5. Plan top 1-3 tasks for next day

Sometimes my brain is too tired at the end of the day to do ANY planning.  When that is the case, I’ll decide on my top 1-3 tasks the next morning (during my Prep time block that starts my work day).

Inspired Action:

Decide what tasks your Daily or Weekly Review will include and create that recurring time block in your calendar (with a reminder notification).