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I don’t know about you, but clutter distracts me from being able to fully focus on what’s important.

I happen to be a minimalist who declutters when I’m overwhelmed or stressed (usually when my mind is full or cluttered with too much information or tasks).

I was determined to learn how to not only get organized but to be more effective and productive using technology and systems.  I’d like to share my perspective with you so that you can also walk down the path to clutter-free living in this modern age of technology.

First, let’s talk about How Clutter Affects You:

When your environment or mind is cluttered and feels chaotic, you aren’t able to focus fully.  

From a neuroscience perspective, distractions affect your brain’s ability to focus or process information. Physical clutter distracts you visually and Mind clutter affects you mentally.  They both affect you emotionally when you make negative meaning of it all.  

Paper is a great visual example as it can be distracting sitting in stacks or all over your work surfaces. Furthermore, worrying about what may be in those stacks can cause stress and affect your nervous system from functioning optimally to get your work done.

Clutter also makes it more difficult to find things when you need them which is stressful.

Even digital information. Think about how much time you may waste looking for passwords if you don’t have them organized (not even to mention the worry about whether or not they are in a safe place).

Second, let’s talk about How To Eliminate Clutter.


There are 3 key things you need in place to declutter your environment:

  1. Systems (to know where things go)
  2. Decisiveness (to avoid having things pile up)
  3. Maintenance (so things stay de-cluttered)

In order to get your Information & Email Organized you need to set up Tools and Systems to easily know WHERE to put things.

It’s important to TRUST your Systems and MAP out your Maintenance Habits so you stay Organized.