Get-Organized-Course-Productive-FocusedYou are faced with so much incoming information – both digitally and still through your physical mailbox. From email inbox build-up to piles of paper on your desk, you’re drowning in information with nowhere to put it all.

You need the right systems + tech tools.

Having organized systems that you know how to maintain will free you from this clutter, so you can run your business and life efficiently and successfully.

This Course is your opportunity to ease the information overwhelm and create systems that will keep you sane.


Each module is designed to take just One Week.

These 4 Weeks Will Give You…

Greater Focus. When you have a clean work surface and are “processing” your email, you can focus more and stay on task.

Less Stress and More Ease since you know where everything is located and no longer struggle to find documents or important papers

More Organization of your environment and work, increasing your happiness because you’re confident in your ability to stay on top of things.

Peace of Mind knowing your information is safe so you’re free to engage with the online world worry-free.


Module 1: Get Control of Your Inbox!

Email Management – Get in control of your inbox so you can be more efficient and less stressed.

  • Learn how to “process” and clean out your inbox
  • Establish a system to organize info from emails
  • Develop habits that will keep your inbox under control

Module 2: Organize Your Digital Information

Digital Information Management – Organize your information so you can find what you need when you need it.

  • Digital filing tips
  • Establish a system to store reference info
  • Manage information to read / watch later
  • Evernote video tutorial

Module 3: Protect Your Digital and Financial Assets

Digital Information Security – Keep your files and passwords safe so you don’t worry about losing important information.

  • Learn how to manage passwords securely
  • Set up proper backups
  • Secure your computer and mobile devices

Module 4: Clear and Organize Your Paper Clutter

Paper Management – Clear and organize your workspace to minimize clutter that distracts you.

  • Create a paper flow system that works (and doesn’t include piles)
  • Develop an effective filing system
  • Learn strategies to go more Paper“less”

The Get Organized Course includes all 4 modules for just



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Lisa Hibler therapist“I have taken my organization & productivity to the next level. I no longer feel a sense of worry and stress about areas that previously took up mental energy and space (for example losing track of passwords, email overwhelm, paper clutter and no back-up system). I now feel more peaceful and more confident. I’ve learned an entirely new language – I understand more about technology and computer programs and am able to easily maintain the systems”.  

     Lisa Hibler, Therapist


Rather than adding More information to your plate, this course will FREE YOU.

FREE YOU to focus on only the things that you are brilliant at.

FREE YOU to spend less time finding, sorting, sifting through, and reading “stuff”… and more time with your family and friends.

FREE YOU to feel safe in your business, knowing that no matter what happens, your information is safe.

Systems save you time. enhance your life. allow you to be happy.

Systems are the key to doing less and making more.


What’s included in the course?

  • Video tech tutorials and presentations
  • Action checklists to track implementation
  • Access to the course for 6 months

How does the course work?

  • You receive 1 Module per week over 4 weeks
  • You can do the work at your own pace


Leslie Ellis, Green Home CleaningThe email organization system is amazing! I’m no longer wasting time sifting through emails I’ve already read, making sure that I’ve got all the information I need. Now I’m processing my email and the time spent with my email has been drastically cut, leaving time for me to focus on more important things.  I’m now able to finish working at 5pm and enjoy family time.”

Leslie Ellis, Owner at


This course is for you if…

  • you’re stressed about not being able to easily find things when you need them
  • you’re overwhelmed by too much information
  • you’re ready to get organized and become more productive
  • you’re ready to invest 2-4 hours per week to set up your new systems

This course is NOT for you if…

  • you aren’t interested in using technology in your life
  • you’re not ready to invest time and energy into learning and taking action in these areas
  • you’re fine with how much time you spend on email and looking through paper piles
  • you aren’t open to trying new things

Creating systems to organize your information will allow you to be more focused and productive. Less stress, more ease.

Join the Get Organized Course now for just



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Most anyone could benefit from this course if they want to get organized digitally as well as get rid of paper piles.  If you are a business owner, this is a foundational training on organization that is definitely needed to run an efficient business in this modern world using technology and systems.

What if I don’t feel like I have the time to do all of the course in 4 weeks?

You can do any part of the course on your own time (even after the 4 weeks) as you have the content for 6 months. This way you have incentive to finish the course:) Getting organized NOW will save you so much time (that is currently being wasted).

Will this course work for me whether I use a PC or Mac?

Yes!  The systems I will introduce you to will work with whatever platform you use.

Do I need any specific programs / apps for this course?

I will recommend a few cloud based programs that are optional to use (free or for low cost). I am a big fan of simplicity and using the minimal number of programs in order to do what you need. The organizing principles in the email management module will be appropriate for any email program. I will use Gmail in the tech tutorials for the email management section.

Will I be able to maintain the systems I setup?
I will not only show you how to get organized, but will give you strategies to be able to stay organized!  Of course, you will have to take regular action to maintain the systems.  There will be tips on creating habits that make life easier.

p.s.  If you have any questions about the course don’t hesitate to contact me.