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Healthy Habits Tools List

Thrive Market has organic and natural products at a discount!  Order conveniently online and get free shipping on orders over $49.  You can easily keep a favorite list to make shopping quick and easy.  Get 25% off your first order!

Pique Tea has some of the healthiest tea on the planet and I love a lot of their flavors!  It is a super clean tea that is tested for many impurities and offers a sustained energy and focus without any jitters.  The packets contain tea crystals that dissolve in any temperature of water so they are easy to carry around for when you need it.  Tea is even beneficial for health with all the polyphenols it contains.

Plan to Eat is an online custom recipe book, meal planner & shopping list.  This has changed my life!  It enables me to cook more easily and often.  I get overwhelmed with cookbooks, but this one allows me to create my own with only the recipes I love.  You can share your online recipes with others and once you join. You will also have access to my recipes to easily add to your collection.

Oura Ring is one of the best wearables on the market to track your health trends. It is one of the best for tracking Sleep and also tracks your Heart Rate Variability & Exercise to help you improve your health. It is a lightweight ring with a computer in it that you can keep offline until you connect it to their app once a day.

Annmarie Skin Care is a natural, organic and wildcrafted line with amazing essential oil scents that make it such a pleasure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin to keep it healthy and vibrant!  They have $10 sample kits to try and great sales too. 

iAwake Technologies has created some amazing meditation technology that is able to put me into a meditative state much faster than usual. I feel so peaceful and relaxed afterward and others have had profound transformations in their life using this technology.  iAwake offer 3 free meditation audio tracks to download to try out (listen with headphones).  Enjoy!

The Habit Hub app helps you track new positive habits by checking them off each day.  You can see visually when you start to create a streak of unbroken habits and it also shows you graphs to see visually how you are doing over a month.  You can create reminders for yourself to actually do the habits.  For Android.  Try Productive app for iOS.

Water Drink Reminder app helps you to track the amount of water you drink each day and it will even reminder you if you want! This app has been very helpful in increasing my water intake. For Android. Try Waterlogged app for iOS.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses help you sleep better at night.  The daytime blue light is what we want to avoid as the sun starts to go down and throughout the evening before bed.  Both my husband and I think they feel great on our eyes in the evenings! They can especially be helpful if you are watching tv or looking at your computer or phone at night.

The Five-Minute Journal is a unique Gratitude Journal uses positive psychology to help you focus more on the good in life and has been shown to help people become happier.  The questions are simple, quick and effective.

The Productivity Planner is a unique planner that uses the Pomodoro Technique and it’s brilliant!  It helps me prioritize my most important tasks that day as well as estimate & track how long it takes to do each task using 25 minute Pomodoro focused sprints. It also has a space to reflect on how productive I was that day on a scale of 1-10 and how I can improve.

I am an affiliate of some of these products and may receive a small commission for referrals if any items are purchased through a link on this page. I only recommend products and tools that are my favorites, that I personally use and that I believe are the best products currently available.