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In the modern world, we’re dealing with an unprecedented amount of information coming at us (and being created by us).

Our brain has not kept up with the evolution of technology that disseminates all this information. According to one calculation, we’ve created more information in the last 10 years than in all of human history before that!

Information overload is a modern malady. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the incoming emails, texts and social media posts that you’re in a fog and can’t think very well at times? Or do you feel paralyzed by too much information and choices? It’s like you’re a hamster on a wheel that just won’t stop.

[Tweet ““…a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…” ― Herbert A. Simon #productivity”]

With all of the incoming information competing for your Attention, you lose full ability to focus on your business and create the life you want. Don’t let extraneous information distract you from your true priorities.

When you’re bombarded with information, you have to constantly decide what to do with it all.

These decisions make the neurons in our brain tired. According to current neuroscience findings, the decision-making network of the brain doesn’t prioritize, so it’s easy to just read everything that comes your way.

You have to learn how to control the information coming in or the inertia will take your life in a direction that you didn’t consciously plan. Information seeps in from all angles and you become the boiling frog who doesn’t notice he is eventually going to die. Of course we probably won’t die from information overload, but it will affect how successful you are in your business and how many life goals you attain.

We have to use strategies to deal with the Information Overwhelm issue. The first step is to LESSEN the information INFLOW.

I’ve been determined to lessen my own information inflow so I can intentionally create my life vs letting life live me. This has led to me having more time and energy to create in my business as well as more free time with my family and friends. I’m sharing the steps I took in my Stop the Information Overwhelm: 5 Day Challenge. Sign up below: