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We’re all spending so much time consuming information. Some important, some not.
This is one of the biggest issues with my clients.

When you’re Learning you aren’t Running your business.

It’s best to not be learning during your work day unless you intentionally set aside time to read or watch something. Consuming content is an easier task for the brain, so don’t do it when you need to work on the more important things in your business. You want to use your most productive hours (often in the morning) to work on more challenging things and engage in learning activities at a time of day when your brain can only handle easier tasks.

I’ve totally fallen into this trap too and wasn’t getting the important stuff done (yes, I’m a recovering info junkie:)

As we both know, you’ll still need to check your email during your work day (and maybe even Facebook groups). It’s unavoidable sometimes to see things you’d like to read or watch. It’s like a shiny object luring you in…


My favorite tech tool for saving articles and videos to read or watch LATER is Pocket.

It’s great because it has a nice, simple interface that makes the content easy to read. You can use tags to categorize by topic to easily filter information that you are in the mood to consume.

Here are my best practices for optimizing your use of Pocket:

Now decide WHEN you will consume information for learning purposes for your business.
Create a recurring time block in your calendar when it makes the most sense to learn (mine is on Saturday). Choose a time that fits with YOUR business and life.

Learning LATER also gives you another opportunity to decide if it’s worth taking time for. Continuing education is a high value business activity as long as you are strategic about WHAT you consume and WHEN.