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Overwhelm is very common these days. We’re all so Busy and the To Do List is never ending…

Not to mention that our brains aren’t even evolved enough to process the HUGE amount of information coming at us in this modern time!

Everyone has different triggers for overwhelm.

My main overwhelm trigger is when I have too many things that pile up To Do and not enough Time.

Here are my strategies to overcome the “too many things to do” overwhelm:

1) I do something to get into my body and relax my nervous system so I can think straight. I take a break and either walk, do yoga or meditate.

2) Next I give myself permission to take some time to do a brain dump and make sure all my tasks are organized in one place (in my electronic task management system or you may have a paper system).

3) Then I prioritize my To Do list.

4) If I have enough brain energy left that day, I do one of the high priority actions that won’t take very long, so I can feel the good feelings of completion by marking something important off my list!

By working my way through these strategies I get control over my to-do list again. Getting centered and then tackling my tasks of highest priority make me confident that I am doing the right actions to move my business forward instead of just spinning my wheels.

And when there are just too many small tasks to do….

I allow myself to take a day (or even a whole week) to get them off my plate. The sense of completion with a bunch of things helps me feel accomplished. We actually get dopamine hits in our brain every time we complete something! Once a lot of the little things are done, I can then re-focus on the bigger important tasks.

Inspired Action:

Decide what is your #1 action to do to get into your body to calm your nervous system next time you feel overwhelmed so that you can think straight to plan your next actions. Then store that answer in your memory to pull it up when it’s needed and do it no matter what (as an experiment).