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Asheville organizing sessions are offered at your home or office.

If you don’t live locally, I do Tech Organizing Coaching where I can help with many of the same things, as well as create a month container for you to have accountability and support to finish up organizing projects.  Local clients can also choose this option.


The systems we set up are customized for you.  

What we can work on:

  • Office organization 

  • Paper management (& paper”less”)

  • Email management

  • Digital Info management

  • Calendar & To Do List management

  • Small Business systems & organization

Our work together will not only help you Get Organized, but we’ll also discuss maintenance habits for you to Stay Organized.

Organization is a skill that is learned, but unfortunately we are not taught this in school.  Since we are all born with different gifts, some of us are born with a more natural ability to organize (but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t learn more skills in this area).  The professional organizing industry has helped me take my skills to the next level and I really enjoy sharing what I have learned with others!

The sooner you get your more efficient systems working for you, the quicker you will get out of Overwhelm and feel In Control of your work and life.


$197  (2.5 hours)


Let’s talk and see if this is a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm afraid you will want to organize everything when you see my office, is that true?

We will do an initial in-person assessment of your priorities and start with the ones that will make the most impact.  We will work only on areas or systems that are NOT working and will not fix anything that IS working.

Everyone has different preferences for the amount of stuff they keep out on surfaces.  Many visual people like to have more stuff in view and less visual people may lean more towards having minimal things out but more tucked away, in say file drawers.  Whatever we work on, we will get you organized and talk about tested ways to maintain that state, so that you can continually feel more empowered in your space.

How much can we get done in a session?

Well, it depends…and I’ve never left a client’s place with them feeling like we din’t get enough done.

  1. I will analyze your situation and what you want accomplished, and we’ll discuss your top 3 priorities.
  2. I will recommend helpful tools and systems and then we’ll decide if those will work for your situation.
  3. We will do the work to setup the system(s) and get you organized, to help you make the changes you desire.

Here are some factors that affect how long a project will take: How quickly you make decisions; the level of organization desired; the number of interruptions, etc.  I will do my best to use our time together to get the most done in a way that feels cooperative and helpful.

I'm concerned that once I get organized, I won't be able to maintain it. How can you help?

I not only can help you get organized – we also create new systems (for email management, paper management, etc) and we will discuss how to maintain it.  You will need to change a few behaviors and maintain them long enough for it to become routine. I also can support you during this process through in-person sessions or Organizing Coaching.  Envision what you want and we can make it a reality with a plan, systems, action and maintenance.

Thanks for helping me get my office back in shape. I’m amazed that in just three sessions, I now have things organized where I can actually find stuff again. Best of all, I’m grateful for the systems that you helped me implement. They are simple to follow, and they are still working–even after a month since we began working together.

Blaine Greenfield

The email organization has been amazing!  I’m no longer wasting time sifting through emails I’ve already read, making sure that I’ve got all the information I need. Now I’m “processing” my emails and the time spent with my email has been drastically cut, leaving time for me to focus on more important things.  Also, the task management program has been particularly helpful.  Now I can just make a list of priorities for my manager to take care of without having to text or call her a thousand times a day.

I’m actually able to be done with work at 5pm now, whereas before some nights I would work until 8pm or later.  This leaves more time for me to enjoy my family and life in general.  Also, when I’m off work my mind isn’t constantly thinking about work, and what I may have missed. That’s huge!  I feel I’m more present with my family when I’m off work.

Leslie Ellis

Owner, Green Home Cleaning

The tools you taught me have helped a lot: Evernote, Lastpass, my task organizer, etc. I knew about these and had them installed before we worked together, but just never used them. Now, they are some of my favorite go-to tools. Also, I appreciate your research and keeping up on the latest tech tools to help me streamline my tasks and organize myself better. I feel more empowered and less stressed because I have systems in place. I thrive with accountability and appreciate you gently encouraging me!

Karen Mazza

Website Developer & SEO Specialist, Studio 88

Working with Sage has been amazing! She has supported me in becoming more organized and productive in my work. I now have systems in place that support me to get more done with less effort. My business runs more smoothly and I have more time for what I love. I feel more clear and confident in my work. Sage has revolutionized the way I run my business.

Lisa Hibler


Have any questions?  Let’s talk and see if it’s a good fit for you. 


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